Large Boxes: Normal Premium Platinum

Box of 36 minis Price: 900baht / 1500bht-2000bht/1850bht-2500bht

Box of 16 medium Price:900bht//1250bht-1500bht-1750bht2500bht

Box of 9 large Price: 900baht / 1250bht-1500bhtbht/1750bht2500bht

Small Boxes:

Box of 18 minis : Price: 450bht / 550bht (min@2 boxes)

Box of 8 medium: Price: 450 bht / 500bht (min @2 boxes)

Box of 4 large: Price: 450 bht / 525bht ( min @ 2 boxes)

Orders of 1(16) box two flavours, for 2 boxes 4 flavours

Premium boxes

* decorations are all handmade making your cupcakes unique for that special occasion.

Platinum Boxes

* These are decorated to the nines for that extra extra special gift box. Handmade toppers from fondant.
Orders placed one/two days in advance.

Cupcakes can be delivered with minimum charge of 250 baht(depending on distance). They can be picked up at Sanambinam or delivered in this vicinity with delivery charge of 150bht.


NamFon http://cup-cakerie.blogspot.com, khunnu@yahoo.com

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